Mark Dean introduces a double screening as part of the event programme for the exhibition AFTER/HOURS/DROP/BOX.

The original 1963 Kenneth Anger film, Scorpio Rising, is being screened followed by Mark Dean's own work, Scorpio Rising 2 (The Gospel according to St Matthew/Hells Angels on Wheels), 1997. Adjacent to these screenings taking place in the main gallery will be a screening of Mark Dean's Scorpio Rising 3 (FFYR), 2012.

The original Scorpio Rising intercuts scenes from a Biblical film with Kenneth Anger's own biker footage. According to Anger, the Biblical film was mis-delivered to him whilst he was in the process of editing his own footage. Anger was influenced and informed by the occultism of Aleister Crowley, describing himself as his disciple, suggesting that his appropriation of religious footage was a deliberate inversion of meaning.

Conceived as a remake of Kenneth Anger's Scorpio Rising, Scorpio Rising 2 (The Gospel according to St Matthew/Hells Angels on Wheels) mixes biker and biblical footage by presenting two films simultaneously. Hells Angels on Wheels by Richard Rush and Pasolini's Gospel According to Matthew are shown on a split screen, with no additional editing to the footage. Although the choice of subject matter was very specific, as is made evident by the meticulous naming of chapters, Dean is interested in the meaning which arises when authorship is surrendered to a process.

AFTER/HOURS/DROP/BOX, an exhibition devised and developed by artist John Lawrence and produced in collaboration with ANDOR, draws upon the reciprocal relationship of the artist as both a radical innovator and as an active and influential consumer of the medium. Other events in the exhibition's programme include:

George Barber Talk and Screening